Update Log

January 2013: Design changes. Moving quotes and speeches to external sites.

March 2012: Design modified with tabs added. Starting to add photo galleries. More videos and quotes added. Starting re-writing biographies. 2012 Election page started.

January 2012 Updates: More quotes, new design, more videos and pictures and the 2012 State of the Union Address.

December 2011 Updates: All President pages now have photos at the top, we’ve added quotes for many Presidents, a fact file for Barack Obama. More quotes, videos, pictures and info to come later this month.

November 2011 Updates: We’ve decided to merge a lot of the content into longer pages on each President to speed up your browsing and make the site more useful. We’ve also decided to do a slight design alteration by removing the left sidebar. New elements like videos are being added where appropriate.

September 2011 Updates: All the site is now on the new design, we did a lot of back end changes as well at the same time. We’ve now also got speeches for every single President, including every Inaugural and State of the Union Address ever made. Next we’re planning to add quotes for each President followed by picture galleries. Strong possibility these will be up by the month’s end.

Spring/Summer 2011 Updates: Once again we’ve taken the decision to change the design of the site to what hopefully will be a longer-lasting user-friendly design. We’ve increased font sizes, changed typefaces, re-introduced side menus, increased photo sizes and generally made the site more intuitive. It will take us a while to apply the design to the entire site, but it’s here on the homepage and on George Washington as we write this and will soon be on all the presidents. Look out for additional content too: we’re adding more speeches and pictures, as well as planning major rewrites to many of the existing biographies.

Winter 2011 Updates: A short preliminary biography of Barack Obama has been added and now the design changes on the site should be visible on every page.

August 2010 Updates: We are currently changing the design of the site to one which is hopefully more user friendly and pleasing to the eye. This is work in progress so many pages may still display the old design. Font sizes have increased, the menu on the left has become drop downs to provide more reading area, President-specific menus are now at the top and bottom of every page rather than on the left where they could easily be missed. We’d welcome your feedback, use the contact form to send us your views.

December 2009 Updates: More speeches added, for quite a number of presidents. More presidents will soon have speeches uploaded, and we will soon start also adding pages of quotes and picture galleries for presidents, as well as updating biographies and fact files and finally adding an Obama section.

October 2009 Updates: We’ve changed the layout of all pages, moving the President’s picture and menu to the left above the main site menu. The facts list are now also on their own pages for each president now too. You’ll also notice we’ve put adverts on the site – sadly the site needs to fund itself, hosting isn’t free. We’ve also added some new content. Before you ask – we are working on a biography for Barack Obama, it seemed unfair to add one before we saw much of his presidency. We also need to update the George W. Bush biography to encompass the final years of his presidency.

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